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Makini Counseling

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  • What is your therapuetic approach?
    Coginitve Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The mind can create cognitive distortions, inaccurate thoughts that produce negative emotions. My belief is that challenging those negative thoughts at their onset is the best line of defense to keep you from reinforcing the negative thought pattern. EMDR. For clients that have experienced trauma, I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy helps activate previously unprocessed memories and integrate the information. EMDR treatment provides relief from emotional and mental distress, helps adjust and redefine beliefs, and leads to a relaxed and calmer mind and body.
  • What type of training have you received?
    Upon graduating with my Master's in Professional Counseling from Dallas Baptist University, I furthered my training in the following areas: 1) Trauma Informed Care 2) Anger Managment 3) Crisis Intervention 4) EMDR
  • How long are the appointments and how often should I come?
    Appointments are approximately 50 minutes long. Most clients initially benefit from sessions once a week. Based on progress, your sessions can transition to every other week and so forth. Since each client is unique and has different goals, the frequency varies.
  • What can I expect during my first appointment?
    Your first appointment will be spent getting to know each other. I will share with you my approach to treatment and expectations for sessions. Then I will gather information to learn more about your reasons for seeking treatment, your background, and your goals for therapy. Together we will determine the best treatment plan to meet your goals.
  • What are your fees?
    Makini Counseling, PLLC accept the following insurance providers: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna/Cigna EAP, Cigna Scott and White, Optum/United EAP, United Healthcare, Friday Health Plans, Oscar, Apostrophe, United All Savers, United Oxford, and United UMR. If you do not have insurance, the self-pay rate is $120 per session for individual counseling and $150 for couples counseling. Sliding scale fees are offered at discretion. Methods of payment include all major credit cards, and FSA/HSA cards.
  • Do you offer in person or virtual sessions?
    Both! I utilize HIPAA compliant software to conduct online sessions if you would like to meet virtually. I also have a warm and comfy couch to provide a more therapuetic vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

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